Swagga on the best of BBC London Gary Crowley

Swagga troops on bbc radio London again- Rude boys had another airing on the Gary Crowley best of the year show on BBC  London on new years eve,check it out on the BBC iplayer. ‘good to see the ska flag is flying strong in the east! I love the Rude Boys track’   All the hard work is paying off………..

onboard with the mighty SWAGGA

After hooking up with Amplified Media through the mighty Strummerville, Swagga meet up with Steve to discuss the best way forward to build and launch our web site and boy, he didn’t let us down!! As you can see there’s lots going on, You can now for the first time get our new E.p! I will let you into a little secret if you purchase all the tracks you get some thing extra but don’t tell Ray I told...

SWAGGA & BULLA Hit The Jackpot!!!!!

Posted 24 May 2013 in Blog

Okay what’s been happening in the SWAGGA camp? Well this week we filmed the video for our contribution to SPECIALIZED 2 album BEAT CANCER. We did a version of THE BEAT’s song JACKPOT and as usual we gave it the SWAGGA treatment & have hopefully done the track justice. So we were excited this week to film our first proper video which we did in London in a South London boozer (Lukey in a boozer @ 11am? I hear you say) Don’t worry he was on his best behaviour. Now the various members of SWAGGA are used to performing but it’s quite weird miming to your own music in the morning in front of strangers, but our director top...

A Special two months of Madness!

Posted 01 Dec 2012 in Blog

Well, what a blast we’ve had recently! During October, our involvement with the Specialized album culminated with a gig at the superb weekender in lovely Dorset. Who would have thought that great music and copious amounts of alcohol could actually raise thousands of pounds for charity? Beats running a marathon, that’s for sure! Big respect to Demelza’s Tea Party, a superb band, in terms of both their music and their tolerance for late night boozing. A big shout out to all the wicked people who we met and supported us out there, especially the nutters who stage invaded our set near the end! Stage invasion alert! And while you’re here, why not buy the album that spawned the monster weekender...

Exciting times in the SWAGGA camp!!!!

Posted 19 Jun 2012 in Blog

Following our involvement on the SPECIALIZED album the fantastic album featuring modern day bands doing their take on classic SPECIALS songs all in aid of THE TEENAGE CANCER TRUST SWAGGA have continued their involvement with 2 fabulous gigs in London Town. The first of these was @ The Blues Kitchen along with King Hammond, Demelzas Tea Party and other great bands. THE SPECIAL’s drummer John Bradbury made an appearance as did RHODA DAKAR. SWAGGA closed the show and finished their blistering set with their badass version of STUPID MARRIAGE which featured a guest appearance from Darren Fordham from Lee Thompson’s Ska Orchestra. A good time was had by all and lots of lolly was raised. The 2nd gig was @...


Posted 18 May 2012 in Blog

SWAGGA had a great mention in ‘Scootering Magazine’ on their version of STUPID MARRIAGE describing it as ‘the modern Ska sound of SWAGGA’ giving 2012 lyrics to a 1980s song.


Posted 21 Nov 2011 in Blog

Our newest member, SHORTY joined the SWAGGA ranks for our most recent gig, lifting the vocals to new heights.  What a fantastic start to what will surely be an incredible journey.

STUPID MARRIAGE -SPECIALS Album launch February 22nd The Blues Kitchen, Camden Town.

Posted 21 Nov 2011 in Blog

Our friends THE SPECIALS contacted us via FACEBOOK to say they were putting together an album.  The long awaited date for the Album launch is February 22nd at The Blues Kitchen, Camden Town. SWAGGA  have been asked to play along with THE CRAVEN BRAVES, THE DUSTAPHONICS and wait for it LEE THOMPSON’s SKA ORCHESTRA that contains 2 members of MADNESS. Whoop Whoop. Should be a great gig.Look forward to seeing you all there!

New In Swaggaville

Posted 15 Oct 2011 in Blog

It has been a very busy couple of months for Swagga . The band have just been in the studio adding the finishing touches to the song ‘ JACKPOT ‘ which will be featured on the new specialized album released later this year.             Other news. Swagga are also proud to announce that we are launching on BandApp  http://bandapp.com/bandapp_app/app.php?currentband=swagga this is a most for any fan of great music. Please check it out and tell all your friends

So what’s been happening in Swagga land?

Posted 28 Jan 2011 in Blog

Hey everybody Flame Boy here with an update on your fav Ska/Hop Band SWaGGa. So what’s been happening in Swagga land? After another successful gig Swagga have gone from strength to strength. We have been featured on 4 radio stations with Rude Boys and have been plugging the live and unsigned London finals on Feb 26th where the boys are just one step away from the grand finals at the o2. Loads of gigs coming up. Also attending will be Major and Indi Record Labels, Publishing companies and of course its a chance to meet like minded people. The first 50 down will receive a Swagga bag full of goodies all we need is your email address and its...

We have released two videos on Youtube

Posted 21 Jan 2011 in Blog

Swagga have released two videos on Youtube. Number 1 is the classic iconic Swagga tune Rude boys!! Trust me this is a hit the video contains cheeky footage of the mighty Swagga live. The second video is Good news this song is being reworked in the studio and rehearsals but to honour it in its original form Ray put on a bear suit and the rest was history. Watch Rude boys and Good news now our Video page! Enjoy and feel free to leave comments. Take care, Swagga

To quote me old mate Ice cube

Posted 16 Jan 2011 in Blog

Today was a good day!!! no actually it was a great day for the Swagga camp. Swagga has received confirmation that Strummerville The Joe Strummer foundation has sent confirmation of funding and we continue to be in there top 10 downloads. After sharing the good news on twitter the one and only Mr Brian Travers legend sax player for UB40 got in touch saying he loved the Track “Rudeboys” and is now following Swagga on twitter. How cool is that!!! Funding, top 10 and a musical hero all in one day. Swagga are blessed and grateful for all the support we receive, Thank you.